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We Have a Memorial Day Cookout Pack Giveaway Winner!!!

Congratulations to Ed Nemmers whom the Randomizer selected as the winner for this prize!!!!

It was so interesting to see the responses in my informal survey of favorite cook-out dishes. Thank you to everyone for your comments.  Meat definitely won over veg, although @CindyMerrill, your husband’s coleslaw recipe sounds delicious and could have swayed the balance!  Ribs seemed to be the meat of choice but burgers (my personal pick) were not far behind.  I loved seeing that scallops and fish and other proteins were also represented on the grill.  @Christine, Old Bay is definitely a winner at any barbecue, I agree.  The Mermaid Inn, here in New York makes some delicious Old Bay French Fries that are definitely worth the trip downtown for me.

Thank you so much to Schoolhouse KitchenNuts+Nuts, and Herbin’ Spoonful for their generosity in providing these items.  You can reach their websites by clicking on the links above to find out how to order these great products for yourself or to see where you can buy them at your local markets, where available.

I’ll be posting a roundup of some of the cookout recipes I’ve posted on this site later this week to give you even more great ideas as to how to kick things off this holiday weekend!

Buon appetito!

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