Recipe Testing & Development

You can contact me via the form at the right to see if there might be a fit for me to create recipes using your product or if you are a chef looking to develop recipes for a cookbook, your restaurant menu or even for a cook-off or special event.  Unless otherwise indicated on this website, all of the recipes are developed and tested by me.

Thai-inspired Chicken Skewers (Schoolhouse Kitchen)

I have created recipes for various artisan food vendors, usually after becoming a fan of their products and having met with and talked to them a few times about how we can work together.  These are relationships that I develop after exploring the local markets and selecting artisan food items that I think are delicious.  Sometimes, these turn into Product Spotlight feature posts and/or Product Giveaways.

Sea Salt Chocolate Cashew Toffee (Nuts+Nuts)

Chili con QuesoI have also re-vamped many of our family recipes to make them more accessible to today’s eating habits and have crafted dishes for specific gatherings and catered events.  I do not accept unsolicited free items and strongly recommend that anyone interested in working with me read this page before reaching out to me with any offers.

Chili con Queso and Guacamole (Brooklyn Salsa Company)

Every request for product reviews is carefully scrutinized to see if it fits with my personal food philosophy and the mission of my website.  I look forward to working with you to develop original recipes, help you to create cookbooks based upon family favorites or to test dishes for your publication.

Poire Belle Helene (Slickepott Fudge Sauce)