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Culinary Consulting

Tap into my culinary background as an event planner, caterer, and cook, working as an assistant with food stylists and prominent chefs, and developing menus and creating recipes.

I’ve assisted with cookbook recipe testing, plating for menu photoshoots, interactive chef demonstrations, beer and wine pourings and pairings, and on-site prep for gatherings large and small from dinners at the James Beard House to buffet-style get-togethers at private residences and culinary charity activities.

I've written, edited, and/or tested literally thousands of recipes, developing comprehensive and complex seasonal menus to pitch to clients for gala dinners and all-day conferences as well as for smaller, intimate events.  I can work with you to create dishes for specific themed gatherings, like Oktoberfest and St. Patrick's Day, in addition to drawing up plating guides and steps of service for the actual day.  

On this page are photos of samples of recipes that I created working with local NYC food entrepreneurs.  These are examples of my style of creating workable, approachable dishes using unique food ingredients.

Reach out to me to discuss how we might work together to design your next event, cookbook, video series, television show or other culinary project.  

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