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Hospitality Operations

See that photo?  The gorgeous mood lighting of the prep kitchen bouncing off all of the stainless steel and overhead pipes really brings out my coloring, as you can tell.  Most of my time working in the hospitality industry has been on-site in culinary operational roles, figuring out how to get things to work the way they need to so that business can move forward and then to put systems and processes in place to streamline activities, capture efficiencies, and generally to get things to work better for the company, employees, and clients, saving time and money, and minimizing frustration along the way.  


Reach out to me if you are looking to organize and streamline your on-line recipe and ingredient management and operations to better capture menu information, inventory, food and beverage costs, and product usage.  We can analyze your current operations, look at where there might be service and needs gaps, and create a plan to implement improvements where needed.  Post-pandemic, I've been on the ground, sleeves rolled up, setting up new management systems from scratch and cataloguing and taking inventory of back stock for food, controllable, disposables, and beverages items. 


I have worked with the following SaaS programs and written company-specific SOPs, user guides, and employee training materials with details as to how to implement and maintain these systems as business grows and needs to scale, saving money and keeping headcount manageable.  That said, I can adapt my processes to fit whatever system you are looking to implement for your business.

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