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Welcome to an index of the Recipes that can be found on this website. Some of them are original ones I’ve created just for this website and others are from my favorite cookbooks and magazines, with a smattering of ones from my culinary school days and which I’ve made for professional use (restaurant and catering gigs).

The recipes are mostly written in American-style format.

There is a page on Measurements and Conversions, which I thought might be useful. I’ve also created some Cooking Tips with suggestions on how to prepare certain aspects of my recipes where people have asked questions about them.  Additional helpful hints can be found under my Kitchen Witch Tips category.

[photo from one of my actual trips to the Union Square Greenmarket on a Saturday]

Brunch Ideas and Egg Dishes

Beef and Lamb Dishes

Chicken Dishes

Desserts and Cheese Dishes

Pork Dishes

Holiday Meals

Kitchen Witch Tips

Entertaining Ideas

Fruit Dishes

Farmers Market Produce

Pasta Dishes




Vegetables, Vegetarian, and Vegan Dishes

The Recipe Box Project

French Food

Italian Food

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