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Product Giveaway – Brooklyn Salsa Company

Today, I’m going to launch my first Product Giveaway!  I’ve become a big fan of the Brooklyn Salsa Company‘s product line and think that this should end up in someone’s refrigerator, just in time for the Superbowl on February 6th.  I have a set of their 5 Boroughs pack to give away to one commenter.  This includes one jar of each of The Manhattan, The Staten IslandThe QueensThe Bronx, and The Brooklyn (in ascending order of heat).

You might have seen my review of this product on my previous post on this site.  The reason I’m holding this giveaway is that I’m a big fan of this company and their philosophy, and I’d like one of you to have an opportunity to enjoy their salsas, too.  By way of disclosure, they did not pay me to do this or ask me to host a giveaway.  I bought the salsa from them specifically for this event.

Each of these flavors is delicious to eat on its own or used as a base for some of your favorite recipes.  I cleaned out a jar of The Bronx, with its eggplant and peppers reminiscent of the wonderful Italian shops on Arthur Avenue, in about a week as a base for a lunchtime pasta dish, using canned chopped tomatoes and mozzarella to round it out.  The Brooklyn spiced up my Chili con Queso game day party dip, and The Staten Island is going to go into my recipe for Sour Cream Chicken Nachos.

The Rules (There have to be some of these, you know.)

Eligibility: U.S. mainland residents only, as these are perishable items. (Apologies to salsa-starved ex-pats and overseas readers.)

To Enter:  Write a comment on this post with the answer to the following questions: Who is going to win the Superbowl this year?  What is going to be the point spread?* You must also have a valid screen name to enter this giveaway.  I’ll need to be able to click on it in order to contact the winner.

Deadline:  Is Tuesday, February 1st at noon EST, based upon the date/time stamp on the comments. (I’m going to be mean about this and make no exceptions.)  This is be able to get the salsa to the winner in time for the big game.

The Outcome:  Only one winner will be chosen for all five jars, as they are a set.  I’m going to put all the entries into an online Randomizer (like this one) to come up with the winner.  (No, I will not use my Actuary father and his magic spreadsheets to draw up the winner.)

Good luck and Buon Appetito!

*For the record, I grew up with the Washington Redskins, so I don’t have a stake in the answer.  The NY Jets didn’t make it in, so I can’t even be a “fake fan,” as my sister would call it.

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