Monthly Archive for: ‘January, 2007’

Pears with Cheese and Truffles

Still not completely healed from dental surgery, I’ve been trying to come up with some more creative ways to get …

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Post Dental Surgery – Cauliflower and Gorgonzola Soup

“Granola. That’s the food of death.” Those were words I had never expected to hear in my life. Having just …

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Donuts, Hot Chocolate & Religion – Making Churros

Why put these three things together? You may ask. Well, in the suburban, ordered world in which I grew up, …

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New Year, New Cafeteria Aggro

Ah,…the start of a new year. New resolutions, a fresh start on those dietary and exercise goals, more promises to …

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Resolving Some Things for the New Year

Yes, ‘tis that time of year again, the period in which some of us sit down and make lists of …

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