Monthly Archive for: ‘August, 2010’

Family-Flexible Fajitas

So far this summer, we’ve had two occasions to get most of us together as a family.  Somehow, it seems …

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New Amsterdam Market Ice Cream Festival


This Sunday, when I looked outside, it hardly seemed like appropriate weather to head downtown to the Ice Cream Festival …

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Food and Funerals

If the title of this entry didn’t already cause you to click to some other page, I hope you’ll appreciate …

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Scallops with Crème Fraîche-Chili Dressing

You know how sometimes there’s that restaurant dish that you really enjoy and that you really wish you could figure …

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Peach Melba

Peach Melba is the perfect dish to celebrate three of the wonderful things about summer: ripe golden peaches, ruby red …

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Curried Lamb Burgers and Grilled Veggie-Mozzarella Sandwiches

As much as I love a great hamburger, as seen a few posts down, over the past few years, I’ve …

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